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Dance is a universal language and in an age where child obesity is increasing and the taking of exercise is decreasing it has never been more important to present dance to young children in an enjoyable format. In doing so it is more likely that, in some way or other, participation in dance as a form of exercise may continue and provide Benefits  into Adult life.

What age to start

The average age for a young child to start attending a dance class is around the age of 3 years. As with most ”averages” there are exceptions to the rule and some children are confident enough to begin at 2.5 years while others may benefit from starting later than 3 years.

The ”readiness” of a child to start is based on the following criteria:

  • An enjoyment of music and movement
  • Confidence to attend a class without a parent or prime carer in attendance
  • Familiarisation with a more formal group structure - is the child already attending nursery or playschool for instance
  • Awareness of the need to listen and cooperate in a group learning situation
  • Preferably no longer wearing nappies

We provide dance classes for young children that capture the imagination, provide enjoyment in movement and teach basic technique, which can be built on in the future.

We ensure our classes are age appropriate and have logical progression so that the interest and imagination of the children is constantly engaged.

The structure, content and accompanying music of an early years dance programme is of key importance and we include the following elements in each class:

  • Variety
  • Imagination
  • Travelling movements
  • Song
  • Music which complements and enhances the actions
  • An understanding of basic principles of movement
  • Fun games which have an intrinsic learning element
  • Solo, partner and group work
  • Story telling
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