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Some Testimonials for Zoe Clark


"I started doing Zoe's Body Balance classes about a year ago.  Right from the start, I noticed how she was different to other instructors, in that she took time out to explain the moves whereas a lot of others (and I've been to a lot of other body balance classes with different instructors) don't make that effort.

When I became pregnant, Zoe was one of the few instructors at Nuffield Health gym who really took an interest in my well being and gave me specific instructions on what I could or could not do. Throughout the class, Zoe would be talking through the moves to the participants, and many times, she would give me separate instructions so I felt completely confident that I was not harming my baby in doing the balance moves.  She not only took an interest in me participating in her class, but an interest in my overall exercise routine, advising on not doing certain high impact exercises and very practical pregnancy fitness advice like how to do pelvic floor exercises.  One evening, Zoe decided to team teach with another instructor so they did the normal class whereas she did the pregnancy options specifically for myself and another pregnant lady - we were very spoilt indeed!

Overall, Zoe has been really fantastic in supporting me, I would highly recommend her services for pre/post natal classes"  

Lisa Lai


”I started Yoga over a year ago now, and had first thought of joining to help improve my fitness. However since joining I have been able to achieve so much more in the way of flexibility, and have a lot more confidence to do moves I never imagined.

When I first started, being able to bend into a bridge or camel pose (just 2 of the many poses I first struggled with) was something I just couldn’t do. However Zoe has encouraged me to push myself further each time and I can now achieve these poses, which is such a confidence booster! Classes are friendly, Zoe really encourages you to have fun but work hard, and explains why things must be done in the right way. The music really helps you to continue at the right pace and Zoe will always help to correct us or advise on the best move if we cannot quite get there – as she always says “there are always options in Yoga”. I really enjoy the classes, and am really grateful to Zoe, thank you!”

Charlotte Mercer


“I love going to Zoe's Zumba classes as her dancing background gives her an edge that other Zumba instructors don't have. I really enjoy the classes as they combine dancing and aerobic moves which are easy to follow but still a very good workout! I aspire to be as fit and graceful as Zoe, that's what keeps me going as well as the fun we all have!”

Charlotte Creak-Julien


I love coming to Zoe classes as it's helping me lose weight fast. I've worked out that I've been coming to Zoe’s Zumba classes for 3 months and with the classes along with healthy eating I have lost a total of 3 stone so far! I love the classes as I haven't got very good rhythm and so I find it helps that Zoe’s dance moves are easy to follow. Its good exercise for stress relief, I love the way Zoe pushes us to get more out of class as I’m not very good at pushing myself.
I'm loving life at the moment since losing the weight and that is thanks to you! Thank you “

Kelly Smithurst


“Zoe is an excellent instructor. She is patient and sympathetic, and understands that although people have different levels of flexibility and suppleness, everybody can gain something from yoga. The lessons are designed to include people of all abilities and as such are very enjoyable.”

Anthony Swiss


“I love Zoe’s Yoga classes because it is a proper work-out that works with the strength and resistance of each person’s body; no matter what your level you can push yourself and  benefit from the session. For me, Zoe’s classes are a great blend of exercises that focus on flexibility, balance, strengthening, endurance, core training and relaxation. I always feel like I have had a great workout, and I feel the benefits after every session.”

Dr Phillip Nash

Photo of Phil and Tony doing Yoga_crop3_300

After walking 27 miles in Ingleborough, Anthony and Phil show their true warrior spirit with a great Warrior Pose III (Virabhadrasana III).

P6110026_crop2_300 P6110028_crop2_300

Anthony and Phil performing Tree Pose and Three Legged Dog at the top of a snowy Ben Nevis whilst completing the Three Peaks Challenge for charity.
Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


"Great classes, I've been going to Zoe's classes for nearly a year now and I have never looked back. I struggled to find a fitness regime that I actually looked forward to, but Zoe changed that for me. She covered a Body Balance class in my old Gym which was just so inspiring. I've now left that Gym to join Zoe's classes. Come along you'll have bags of fun whilst burning large amount of calories!”

Debbie Parnell


I've been attending various classes of Zoe's including Yoga/Pilates, Zumba, Body Conditioning and ballet for many years now and I'm still loving them. She is an excellent instructor who always keeps things fresh; she is motivational and gives me the extra push I need. Zoe's instructions are clear, her classes are great and fun and I have recommended her classes to many of my friends.

Caroline Aiken


More Posing on High from Anthony Swiss

Beautiful Alpine landscape 2_tn

Warrior II Pose in Beautiful Alpine Landscape

Glacier Argentiere_crop_tn

Eagle Pose on the Glacier Argentiere

Distant Matterhorn_crop_tn

Triangle Pose with Distant Matterhorn

Surfing a rock_crop_tn

Warrior II Pose whilst Surfing a Rock Outcrop

In front of the Matterhorn_crop_tn

Tree Pose in front of the Matterhorn

View of Chamonix & Mont Blanc_crop_tn

Warrior I Pose witha View of Chamonix & Mont Blanc

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